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The vision of Women Can Do It is for a gender equitable, just and peaceful Myanmar society.
Women Can Do It is an organisation that promotes women’s participation in decision-making at all levels by enhancing the capacity of women, creating space and sisterhood bonding and evidence-based advocacy.

Women Can Do It is committed to the following shared values -- civil rights, women’s rights, transparency, accountability, tolerance, non-violent approach, respect, equity and inclusiveness – for all regardless of ethnicity, religion, age, disability, education, rural or urban status.

Our Company Overview

Women Can Do It was initially formed as an informal network of women who had attended the Women Can Do It trainings in Myanmar supported by the Norwegian Labour Party Women. The first training was conducted in 2011 following which the alumni network multiplied the WCDI trainings and also began to initiate other activities to enhance the capacity of women leaders, in particular during the 2015 elections. A small Coordination Unit was established to coordinate the activities but the network relied significantly on the members to implement the planned activities.

In 2016, the members agreed to establish WCDI as an organisation and appoint staff to be responsible for the implementation of the organisation’s programmes due to the limited time availability of members despite their commitment to its goals and objectives. The organisation would maintain its members who embody the sisterhood the organisation is built upon. The members would continue to play a role but with less responsibility for programme implementation.

This Constitution defines the organisational structures and processes for the establishment of WCDI as a membership organisation.

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