WCDI Myanmar stands for encouraging more women to participate in society. Women are half of the world's population and yet, women are systematically underrepresented from decision making. Women should be equally treated as men. We believe women opinions are important and should be heard.

Our Goal

Women became change agents in new era of myanmar


  • To Enhance the capacity of women in  parliament to be able to develop comprehensive public policies
  • To enrich and enhance the leader-ship qualities of potential women leaders
  • To Strengthen WCDI alumni
  • To provide facts, information,evidence to affirm the effectiveness of all the interventions
  • To reduce social barriers and stereotypical norms that are impacting women’s choices
  • To have continuous organizational strengthening for more effective governance and long term sustainability

Shared Values

  • Civil rights
  • Women’s rights
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Tolerance
  • Non-Violence Approach
  • Respect
  • Equity
  • Inclusiveness regardless of sex,age,ethnicity,religion,disability,education,rural or urban


  • Capacity Building
  • Research and Advocacy
  • Campaign
  • Media and Publications
  • Sisterhood and Bonding
  • Networking

Our Activities & Movements

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Our Journal Book

Women became change agents in new era of myanmar